EPA Approved Training Videos

EPA has stated that you may use any EPA-approved training video for your sector to satisfy the training requirements.

Worker and Handler Training Videos

EPA Approved Handler Training video English

EPA Approved Handler Training Video Spanish

EPA Approved Worker Training Video English

EPA Approved Worker Training Video Spanish

Worker and handler training Videos:  ORCHARD

Safety in the Orchard Videos for WorkersEnglish or  Spanish

Safety in the Orchard Videos for HandlersEnglish or Spanish

Worker and Handler Training Videos:  Greenhouse

Safety in the Greenhouse Videos for WorkersEnglish or Spanish

Safety in the Greenhouse Videos for HandlersEnglish or Spanish

Worker Training Videos:  Forest

Pesticides in Forestry for WorkersEnglish and Spanish

For hard copy DVDs, the National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC) expects to have these available by late August in their online store at http://www.npsecstore.com.