Worker Protection Standard

Worker Protection Standards

The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is a federal regulation issued by U.S. EPA. The WPS applies to growers who own or manage a farm, forest, nursery, or greenhouse where pesticides are used in production of agriculture plants and have one or more of these situations:

  1. Hire or contract for services of agricultural workers who receive compensation and do tasks such as harvesting, weeding or watering.
  2. Operate a business or farm where pesticides are applied by handlers who receive compensation and do tasks related to mixing, loading, transferring or applying pesticides. Click HERE for complete list of handlers tasks.
  3. Operate a business where crop advisor tasks are performed. Click HERE for a complete list of crop advisor tasks.

New! EPA has proposed changes for the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard. Click here to read "What is the Worker Protection Standard, and How has it Changed in 2016?"

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How to Comply Manual
2016 WPS Final Rule
2016 WPS Quick Guide
WPS Comparison Chart 

Train-the-trainer Course


Train-the-trainer Course for Worker Trainers:  Who can train workers?  A licensed pesticide applicator or someone who has completed the online EPA-approved course through Iowa State.  This approved course will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.  You may access the course any time of day from any computer with reliable internet access.  You can review the units as many times prior to taking the exam.  Once you have passed your exam, you will receive a certificate of completion.  This certificate will contain your name, in addition to your trainer code, which will need to be recorded to verify that your employee was trained by a certified trainer.  

 Click here to view the EPA website on revisions the Worker Protection Standard         

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EPA Approved Worker Training video English or Spanish

AEZ Factsheet


More information on the WPS Respirator Requirements & the Applicator Exclusion Zone 

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Pesticide Education Resources Collaborative

  • PERC-PERC is the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative, a new cooperative agreement between the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and University of California Davis Extension, in collaboration with Oregon State University.