Online Training

Free Online Training Modules

Access the lessons Here:   You will need to create a username and password to access the lessons.  These lessons will help an applicator prepare for the state pesticide applicator Core Exam. Completion of the lesson package also qualifies as Ohio Trained Serviceperson training.

Lessons Available:

  • Pest Management
  • Federal Pesticide Laws
  • Pesticide labeling
  • Pesticide Formulations
  • Pesticide Hazards and First Aid
  • Pesticide Personal Protective Equipment
  • Pesticides in the Environment
  • Pesticide Storage, Transportation and Security
  • Pesticide Emergency Response
  • Planning the Pesticide Application
  • Pesticide Application Procedures
  • Professional Conduct

Please download this free pdf file of the Trained Serviceperson Bulletin.  The introduction and last chapter contains Ohio and Federal Laws and Regulations.