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Hedge bindweed (Castyegia sepium)

Hedge bindweed (Castyegia sepium)

Description: A rhizomatous perennial with long climbing or trailing viny stems, 3'-10' long.

Life Cycle: Perennial

Habitat: Rich, moist, lowland areas, a weed of landscapes, nurseries, row crops, fences, and hedges

Leaves: Large, alternate, triangular-oblong with pointed tip and heart-shaped base. Exact leaf shape can vary.

Flower: 5 white petals fused into a funnel shaped tube, 1.5"-2" in diameter.

Fruit: Egg-shaped to round capsules with 2-4 seeds. Each seed is grey to black with 2 flattened sides.

Root: Extensive, shallow rhizomes

The problem is…native to eastern United States but has spread throughout the United States. Twines around vegetation or other objects.

Hedge bindweed, 5823

Hedge bindweed leaf

Hedge bindweed stem twining

Hedge bindweed flower

Hedge bindweed pods