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Grapevines, uncultivated & in groups >100 (Vitus spp.)

Life cycle: Woody perennial

Habitat: Woods, abandoned sites

Fruit: Small grapes in cluster (if abandoned no fruit)

Leaf: Large rounded lobed leaves

Stem: Green and smooth in young plants, but later becomes brown and woody, twisting with peeling bark. Look for woods or green tendrils which can coil around other vegetation.

The problem is…these stout vines can smother trees and forest vegetation. Grapevines are only considered a noxious weed if they are growing in groups of 100 or more and are not maintained (pruned, sprayed, or cultivated) for two consecutive years.


grapevine tendrils

Grapevine woody vine

Grapevine green fruit

Grapevine purple fruit