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Cressleaf Groundsel (Senecio glabellus)

Cressleaf Groundsel (Senecio glabellus)

Description: A member of the Aster/Composite family.

Life Cycle: Winter annual

Habitat: Wet woods, swamps, stream banks, pastures, roadsides, and fields.

Flower: Yellow individual flowers in a cluster

Fruit: White pappus

Leaf: Alternate, deeply divided with wide, round-toothed lobes

Stem: Succulent, smooth and hollow

Root: Fibrous

The problem is…..toxic to grazing livestock. This plant contains compounds called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA’s) which metabolize in the liver to form other toxic compounds. Consuming significant quantities of the weed is poisonous.

Cressleaf Groundsel

Cressleaf groundsel stem

Cressleaf groundsel flower

Seed close up