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Apple of Peru (Nicandra phyhsalodes)

Apple of Peru (Nicandra physalodes) 

Description: An annual weed in the tomato family, reproducing only by seed. Weeds continuously (spring, summer, and fall) in agriculture fields if sufficient moisture is available.

Life Cycle: Hardy annual

Habitat: Soybean and vegetable fields

Flower: Pale violet bell-shaped flower

Fruit: Enclosed in papery inflated calyxes

Leaves: Jagged full leaves

Stem: Branching

Root: Short taproot

The problem is…. a prolific seed producer. Large, persistent seed-banks quickly accumulate in the soil due to seed dormancy. Very competitive with soybeans and vegetable crops also has a low sensitivity to most commonly used herbicides.

Mature Apple of Peru

Apple of peru stem

Apple of Peru flower

Apple of Peru seed capsules