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Resources for Nutrient Management in Ohio


Lake Erie Western Basin Watershed Fertilizer and Manure Regulations

In July, 2015, new regulations became effective for fertilizer and manure applications in the Lake Erie Western Basin Watershed. Click here for a summary of the regulations and map of the watershed area.

Fertilizer Certification Signed into Ohio Law
In June, 2014, Governor Kasich signed the Ohio agriculture nutrients law which will require farmers applying fertilizer to 50 acres or more to become certified. This certification is part of a broader initiative developed by a task force convened in 2012 with several Ohio agencies participating. The task force focused on developing recommendations for improving Ohio’s waterways while maintaining the integrity of the region’s agricultural industry.

Training opportunities for the fertilizer applicator certification are available. Farmers need to be certified by September 30, 2017.

Fact sheet - developed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to explain the new agricultural fertilizer certification law

Certification requirements - who needs to be certified

Recordkeeping requirements - for agricultural fertilizer applications

ORC 905.321 and ORC 905.322 - links for the law in Ohio Revised Code

Presentations, Videos, and Resources
The presentations given at the Winter 2015 Fertilizer Applicator Certification Trainings are available here. These resources include the background on the laws and recordkeeping requirements, soil testing, water quality concerns, best management practices for phosphorus and nitrogen, and a link to the training manual.

Agriculture Nutrient Management Videos and Supplementary Materials

Nutrient Management Resources

What regulations are there for manure applications? Click here for information on Animal Manure Regulation in Ohio