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Trained Serviceperson

A trained serviceperson is an applicator who works under the direct supervision of a licensed commercial pesticide applicator who is employed by the same company or agency. The trained service person must be instructed in the proper use of equipment and pesticides that will be used on the job.

Training required for trained servicepeople

Picture of cover of Trained Service Persons manual (black lettering on green background)New employees must be trained before their first occupational exposure to pesticides. Documentation needs to be kept in their personnel file while with the company and for three years after termination of employment

Direct Supervision Requirements

  • Supervisor must have an Ohio Commercial Applicator License.
  • Licensed supervisor must demonstrate instruction and control over trained serviceperson.
  • Licensed applicator must be within 25 miles or available within 2 hours when a pesticide application is being made by the trained serviceperson.
  • Licensed applicators providing supervision must be employed by the same company or agency as the trained serviceperson

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