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Pesticide Safety Education Program

Ohio State University Extension


Pesticides 101


These videos serve as a resource to ANR Educators as an introduction to pesticide law, certification requirements, the pesticide label, how pesticides work, pesticide application, protection from pesticides, and teaching PAT. 


Introduction to Pesticide Law, Certification Requirements, and the Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Pesticide Applicators

Mimi Rose, Program Director, Pesticide Safety Education Program –

Abby Welsh, Program Coordinator, Pesticide Safety Education Program 

PowerPoint Presentation: Intro Laws Certification PAT 

Presentation Video:


The Pesticide Label

Joe Boggs, Agriculture & Natural Resources Educator, Hamilton County; Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology –

Presentation Video:


How Pesticides Work, and How to Make Them Work Better

Mimi Rose, Program Director, Pesticide Safety Education Program –

PowerPoint Presentation: How Pesticides Work

Presentation Video:


Efficient, Effective, and Accurate Application of Pesticides

Erdal Ozkan, Extension State Specialist, Agricultural Engineering Extension State Specialist –

PowerPoint Presentation: Best Practices for Effective Pesticide Application

Presentation Video:


Protecting the Applicator and the Environment from Pesticides

Chrissy Kaminski, Program Manager, Pesticide Safety Education Program –

PowerPoint Presentation: Safety-PAT

Presentation Video:


Teaching Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT)

David Marrison, Farm Management Field Specialist –

Ted Wiseman, Agriculture & Natural Resources Educator, Perry County –

PowerPoint Presentation: Teaching Pesticides new educator

Presentation Video:


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