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Below are resources to aquaint you with the Ohio Private Pesticide Applicator License and your involvement with the process. If you have questions, contact Jennifer Andon at andon.1@osu.edu or 614-247-7974.

What is the difference between a private and commercial pesticide applicator?

A private applicator applies restricted-use pesticides on his/her own land, or rented land, and produces an agricultural commodity. Private applicators come to the county OSU Extension office for their study materials to prepare for the exam. Click here for a Carmen Connect recording about the needed study materials. Recertification training for private applicators is offered by OSU Extension.  

The Ohio Private Pesticide Applicator License Requirements Brochure

A commercial applicator applies pesticides for hire or on publicly accessible sites such as golf courses, apartment complexes, restaurants, schools, etc. Also includes applicators who work for a government agency. Commercial applicators must be licensed to use both restricted and general use products. Commercial applicators receive their study materials after completing a license application. Recertification training for commercial applicators is offered by the Pesticide Safety Education Program in commercial conferences and by state industry associations.

Ohio Commercial Pesticide Applicator Requirements Brochure

What study materials does a private pesticide applicator need for the Ohio licensing exam?

How to set up private pesticide applicators for study materials and testing. Includes an explanation of the six private applicator categories. (20 minutes - Carmen Connect recording)

How much recertification training is required for private applicators?

To keep a private pesticide applicator license current, applicators must take 3 hours of recertification credit every 3 years. The specific requirements are:

1 hour of Core required

+ 1/2 hour in each category on applicator license required

+ additional time in any category (after completing 1 hour of core and each category requirement)

= 3 hours of time for recertification