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Pesticide Safety Education Program

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Agricultural and Horticultural Field Crop Webinar

Feb 23, 2021, 8:30am - 4:00pm
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Online Webinar
Pesticide Safety Education Program


Agricultural and Horticultural Field Crop

February 23, 2021

Categories Offered:
2a - Agronomic Pest
2b - Horticultural Pest
2c - Agricultural Weed
2d - Seed Treatment
10c- Fumigation


Five total hours, including one hour of core!

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Fee: $75 Preregistration Only


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During the online commercial recertification webinars, we will be taking attendance throughout the day. This requires each attendee to participate on their own device. We recommend a desktop, laptop, or large tablet.

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Time Presentation Speaker
8:30 Log In - (Required) - Webinar overview and requirements 
9:00 2a - Field Crop Pest - Field Crop Insect Update Dr. Andy Michel, OSUE
9:35 2d - Seed Treatment - Seed Treatments Dr. Andy Michel, OSUE, Dr. Pierce Paul, OSUE
10:10 2a - Field Crop Pest - Field Crop Disease Dr. Pierce Paul, OSUE
10:45 2c - Agronomic Weed - Agronomic Weed Update Dr. Mark Loux, OSUE
11:20 Core - Inversions and Drift Dr. Aaron Wilson, OSUE
12:00 Lunch
1:00 10c - Fumigation - Fumigation Update Dr. Curtis Young, OSUE
1:35 2b - Hort Crop Pest - Fruit Pest Update TBA
2:10 2b - Hort Crop Pest - Vegetable Pest Update Jim Jasinski, OSUE
2:45 Core - Regulatory Update, Case Studies Ryan King, ODA
3:20 Core - Safety Basics Dr. Mary Ann Rose, OSUE
4:00 Dismiss


Still need one category? Self-paced online recert!