Educator Inservice

Educator Inservice for Pesticide Safety Education

2021 Virtual Educator Inservice

December 15-16, 2020


Tuesday December 15, 2020

Mark Sulc, Department of HCS, OSU- Controlling Weeds in Pastures (P-2, C-2c) Controlling Weeds in Alfalfa and Hayfields (P-2, C-2c) Link Here (30 minutes)


Pierce Paul, Department of Plant Pathology, OSU – Agronomic Crop Diseases (P-1, C-2a) Link Here (30 minutes)


Mark Loux, Department of HCS, OSU – Agronomic Weed/Dicamba Update (P-1, C-2c) Link Here (30 minutes)


Shawn Wilson, Cardinal Professional Products – Fumigation: New & Old Products – Safety and Efficacy (P-6, C-10c) Link Here (45 minutes)


Kelley Tilmon, Department of Entomology, OSUE – Agronomic Pest Update (P-1, C-2a) Link Here (30 minutes)


Steve Culman, SENR, OSUE – Tri-State Recommendations for N, P, and K (15P, 15C) Link Here (30 minutes)


Harold Watters, OSUE– Using Cover Crops to Manage Nitrogen (15P, 15C) Link Here (30 minutes)


Wednesday December 16, 2020


Celeste Welty, Department of Entomology, OSUE – Fruit and Vegetable Update (P-3, C-2b) New Directions for Fruit and Vegetable Entomology Link Here (45 minutes)


Luis Canas, Department of Entomology, OSUE – Controlling Mites on Ornamentals (P-5, C-6d) Link Here (30 minutes)


Amy Stone, ANR Educator, Lucas County – Spotted Lanternfly Update (P-4, C-6a) Link Here (15 minutes)


Joe Boggs, ANR Educator, Hamilton County – Asian Long Horned Beetle Update (P-4, C-6a) Link Here (15 minutes)


Joe Boggs, ANR Educator, Hamilton County – Some BAD Weeds… Poison Hemlock and Wild Parsnip Link Here (15 minutes)


Tim McDermott, ANR Educator, Franklin County – Tick Update Link Here (15 minutes)


Michael O’Donnell, Extension Educator, Purdue University – Transitioning to Organic Cereal Production Link Here (60 minutes)


Todd Hicks, Department of HCS, OSU – Dying Turf- Is it a Disease? (P-7, C-8) Link Here (30 minutes)


Marne Titchenell, SENR, OSU – Management Strategies for Deer (C-7) Link Here (30 minutes)


Ryan King, Ohio Department of Agriculture – ODA Update/Case Studies (Core) Link Here (30 minutes)


Mimi Rose, PSEP and Dean Slates, OSUE Emeritus - Simplified Calibration with a Flow Meter Disinfectants are Pesticides Too (Core) Link Here (30 minutes)




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