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Commercial Applicator

A commercial applicator applies pesticides:

  • for hire; or
  • on publicly accessible sites such as golf courses, apartment complexes, restaurants, schools; or
  • while working for a government agency

Commercial applicators must be licensed to use both restricted and general use products.

  List of Commercial Categories
  • Categories designate the site and sometimes the type of pest that you control
 ODA Commercial Pesticide Applicator Licensing
  • How to apply for a commercial pesticide license
  • How to apply for a business license
  • Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Information
  • Requirements for trained servicepersons
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Recertification Conference Commercial Recertification Opportunities
Turf Manual Commercial Pesticide Exam
  • Information on signing up for the commercial pesticide applicator exams.
Trained Service Person Trained Service Person
  • Applicator who works under the direct supervision of a commercial applicator 
Commercial Recordkeeping Other Commercial Applicator Resources
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Trained Serviceperson information
  • Lawn posting
  • IPM Standard
  • Pesticide Use in School
  • Label Resource
  • Other commercial applicator information!