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Self-Paced Commercial Recertification Course - What to Know

What should I know before registering for the self-paced course?

(more information coming soon)

Before regitering for this course, please carefullyy check that you need recertification hours. We cannot process refunds for this course.
Instructions are built into the course. The following are answers frequent questions we receive:


1. The course offers every commercial pesticide category.

  • Only one half hour video per category and one hour of core

2. Your specific requirements will not automatically load into the course.

  • You will look up how many recertification hours you have, and what category hours you need
  • You need to complete:
    • 1 hour of core, a half hour of every category, and 5 total hours
    • 5 hours in this course = Core module + 8 additional modules

3. After completing your requirements, you must submit the recertification form

4. Fertilizer recertification is a separate course

Information Coming Soon

  • Screen shots of the course
  • How to determine the hours you have completed in the course
  • Overview of module completion quizzes