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Pesticide Safety Education Program

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Pesticide Safety Education Program

About Us:

Pesticide training, safety and education are just some of the programs involved with the Pesticide Safety Education Program, a part of Ohio State University Extension. The program is involved with the training of 30,000 licensed pesticide applicators in Ohio. The Pesticide Safety Education Program provides recertification training conferences, new applicator training workshops, train-the-trainer programs, training manuals and more.

The staff works year round to update training materials as well as plan meetings and conferences related to pesticide application. Web-based information and manuals are also used. An important part of the training is stressing the safeguards for both health and the environment while handling pesticides.

The Pesticide Safety Education Program works closely with specialists, agencies and organizations to provide pesticide education materials and information to educators, applicators, regulators, extension staff and researchers. The program also looks to improve practices to protect humans and the environment by providing educational programs on Integrated Pest Management concepts, pesticide use, laws and regulations, and environmental stewardship which will enhance the decision-making of our audiences.


Name Position title Phone Email
Dr. Mary Ann Rose Program Director (614) 247-7489
Chrissy Kaminski, MS Program Manager (614) 292-1341
Colleen Souder Program Coordinator (614) 292-4070