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Ohio Pesticide Application Recordkeeping Requirements

For Private Pesticide Applicators: Required for restricted-use pesticide applications*

Online Recordkeeping Now Available!

There is no standard format required, but Ohio pesticide application records need to follow these guidelines:

  • Records contain required information
    • The responsible private applicator's name and license number
    • The brand or product name and EPA registration number of the restricted-use pesticide applied
    • The total amount of the restricted-use pesticide applied
    • Location and/or field number for area treated and total area or acreage treated
    • Crop treated
    • Month, day and year of application

    Sample recordkeeping file: Excel spreadsheet

    Sample recordkeeping file: pdf format


  • App for mobile devices: available from University of Nebraska - Lincoln that has the same requirements for private applicators as Ohio

    • The University of Nebraska - Lincoln has a recordkeeping app for mobile devices. The recordkeeping app follows the federal requirements for private applicators which are the same as the Ohio requirements. Click here for instructions on downloading the app.


Important Reminders

  • Records for restricted-use pesticide applications are recorded on date of application
  • Must retain records for 3 years from the date of application and make them available to ODA when requested
  • Submit records to private applicator's employer, if applicable
  • For more information about the recordkeeping regulations, contact the Pesticide Regulation Section, Ohio Department of Agriculture, (614) 728-6987

* Summary of the regulation. For full regulation, go to Ohio Revised Code: 901:5-11-10 Recordkeeping