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Ohio Pesticide Application Recordkeeping Requirements

For Private Pesticide Applicators: Required for restricted-use pesticide applications*

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There is no standard format required, but Ohio pesticide application records need to follow these guidelines:

  • Records contain required information
    • The responsible private applicator's name and license number
    • The brand or product name and EPA registration number of the restricted-use pesticide applied
    • The total amount of the restricted-use pesticide applied
    • Location and/or field number for area treated and total area or acreage treated
    • Crop treated
    • Month, day and year of application

    Sample recordkeeping file: Excel spreadsheet

    Sample recordkeeping file: pdf format


Important Reminders

  • Records for restricted-use pesticide¬†applications are recorded on date of application
  • Must retain records for 3 years from the date of application and make them available to ODA when requested
  • Submit records to private applicator's employer, if applicable
  • For more information about the recordkeeping regulations, contact the Pesticide Regulation Section, Ohio Department of Agriculture, (614) 728-6987

* Summary of the regulation. For full regulation, go to Ohio Revised Code: 901:5-11-10 Recordkeeping