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Private Applicator - Commercial Self-Paced Recertification

Using the Commercial Self-Paced Course for Private Recertification

You may use the commercial self-paced course to complete your three-hour requirement for your private pesticide license.

The table below lists the commercial categories that will earn you credits for your private license. If you complete any categories that are not listed in the table below, you will not receive credit for your private license. 

Private Category Commercial Category
Core Core
1 Grain and Cereal 2a Agronomic Pest
2 Forage Crops and Livestock 9 Animal Pest
Fruit and Veg 2b Horticultural Pest
Nursery and Forest 6a Ornamental Pest
Greenhouse 6d Greenhouse
Fumigation 10c Fumigation

2d Seed Treatment
3a Aquatic
4b Forestry
Industrial Veg



To Complete Three Hours
1 hour of core
4 additional category series

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Your license requires three total hours. One hour of core, a half hour of each category on your license, and the remaining hours in any category (chosen from the table above).

Deadline: You must submit the recertification form by March 3, 2023, 11:59 pm in order to receive credit. You must also pay your $30 renewal fee to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. This is a separate fee from the course.

Recertification Form: The recertification is located at the bottom of the home screen. Completing this indicates that you are finished. In question 5, enter your private pesticide applicator ID. If you hold both a commercial and private license, enter your private license and email to receive credit for your commercial license as well.

Recert Form Screenshot

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