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Online Recertification for Commercial Pesticide Applicators

Ohio Self-paced Online Commercial Recertification

This course is available January 22, 2024 - September 30, 2024

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Fertilizer Applicators: Register for Fertlilizer Recertification (15C or 15P) Here $18


  • Notes:
    • You must register online, no phone or mail registration. 
    • There are no refunds for these online recertification courses.
    • After registering, it can take up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email.

More Information:

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Commercial Recertification
Requirements (5 total hours)

1 hour of core
1/2 hour credit in every category on
your license
additional training in any category offered
= 5 hours of recertification training

All commercial categories* are offered in this course. Your existing credit hours for this recertification cycle count toward your total five hours. You only need to complete enough videos to earn the hours you need for your license. You do not need to watch every video. 

Each category provides a series of videos. The core video series provides an hour of core. The other series provide a half hour in each category. After completing each series, successfully complete a quiz question earn credit for that category.

Check your Recertification Status 
Examples of how many videos to watch
Tutorials - Using ScarletCanvas for Online Recert

Upon completing your hours, you will submit a recertification form at the bottom of course page. Do not submit the recertification form until you've completed your hours.

*Categories 2f- soil fumigation, 3b- boat antifoulant, 3c- sewer root control do not have category-specific videos in this platform, and do not require category-specific training. If you have one of these three categories on your license, you need 1 hour of core and 4 additional hours in any category. 

Viewing on Your Phone?

Online recertification is offered through ScarletCanvas. You can access ScarletCanvas through any web browser, but if using a smart phone or other portable device, the experience can be optimized by downloading the canvas app.    
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