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Anyone that applies Xtendimax, Engenia or Tavium in Ohio must:

  • Take the dicamba-specific training (see below)

  • Two-year registration (until December 20, 2020)
  • Only certified applicators may apply dicamba over the top (those working under the supervision of a certified applicator may no longer make applications) Get Exam Prep Here
  • Prohibit over-the-top application of dicamba on soybeans 45 days after planting and cotton 60 days after planting
  • For cotton, limit the number of over-the-top applications from 4 to 2 (soybeans remain at 2 over-the-top applications)
  • Applications will be allowed only from 1 hour after sunrise to 2 hours before sunset
  • In counties where endangered species may exist, the downwind buffer will remain at 110 feet and there will be a new 57-foot buffer around the other sides of the field (the 110-foot downwind buffer applies to all applications, not just in counties where endangered species may exist)
  • Clarify training period for 2019 and beyond, ensuring consistency across all three products
  • Enhanced tank clean out instructions for the entire system
  • Enhanced label to improve applicator awareness on the impact of low pH’s on the potential volatility of dicamba
  • Label clean up and consistency to improve compliance and enforceability


Precautions for Dicamba Use in Xtend Soybeans (Purdue Extension Factsheet)

Recordkeeping Template

Xtendimax Application Requirements

Engenia Application Requirements

Tavium Appliation Requirements


Dicamba-Specific Training Information

Ohio accepts training sessions led by the product registrants (BASF, Bayer, Syngenta).  This includes webinars and online courses offered by the companies, as well as their in-person trainings.  Ohio will also accept training from IN, KY, MI, PA & WV.