Private Applicator

Private Pesticide Applicator 


Here are some helpful resources:

Recordkeeping Requirements - for private pesticide applicators
Drift Reduction - fact sheets and resources for reducing drift
Pest Management - resources for managing weeds, insects, disease, and other pests
Worker Protection Standard - federal regulation that applies to certain growers
Pesticide-Related Apps - helpful apps for smartphones, iPhones, and other mobile devices
Soil Fumigation - website for training required for licensed Ohio pesticide who are planning to use the following soil fumigants: methyl bromide, chloropicrin, 1,3-dichloropropene plus chloropicrin, dazomet, and meta sodium and metam potassium

Pesticide Labels and Products

National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (Find Ohio-registered pesticide products) 
Ohio Restricted Pesticide Products (Maintained by Ohio Department of Agriculture) *Sorry, currently this link is not active. Please check back later.
Crop Data Management System, Inc (Source of pesticide labels from the manufacturers)
Search the following databases for products labeled for specified sites or crops. Searches can also be done for targeted pests or active ingredients.