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Pesticide Certification Lessons

New Applicator Lessons - Commercial & Private also qualifies for Trained Serviceperson Lessons (does not qualify for recertification credit)

Completion of these courses by an employee will help prepare them for the Core exam. The information will apply to both the commercial and private core exams. These lessons are a supplement to Bulletin 825 - Applying Pesticides Correctly. The bulletin is available for $10. Click here to purchase the bulletin. Completion of the lesson package also qualifies as Ohio Trained Serviceperson training.

Click on the lesson title to purchase. You will be directed to the e-store website to complete the purchasing process with a credit card. After purchasing, you will be sent an e-mail with an access code and directions to access the lesson. The directions will explain how to set up an account. After setting up the account, you will be able to input the purchased access code and see the lesson.

Core New Applicator Lessons and Trained Serviceperson Lessons (all 11 lessons)

Purchase the Lessons as a Complete Package

These lessons will help an applicator prepare for the state pesticide applicator Core Exam. Completion of the lesson package also qualifies as Ohio Trained Serviceperson training.

Purchase the Lessons Individually

Pesticide Labeling Lesson focuses on the basics behind pesticide labels, reading a pesticide label and understanding names, active ingredients, formulations, signal words, precautionary statements and environmental hazard statements.  The lesson also helps the applicator understand directions for mixing and loading, application, storage and disposal.

Pest Management Lesson focuses on understanding integrated pest management (IPM), main groupings of pests, the historical perspective of pest management, resources to identify specific pests and damage symptoms and the significance of preventive measures.  Applicators will also learn about pest population levels and environmental influences, pesticide resistance and what causes pesticides to fail.

Pesticide Formulations Lesson focuses on understanding formulation abbreviations, the advantages and disadvantages of various formulations, and the role of adjuvants in pesticide formulations. 

Pesticide Hazard and First Aid Lesson focuses on understanding the different types of effects pesticides can have on your health.  Applicators will learn important signal words on products and routes of exposure.  The lesson also includes the symptoms of exposure and the appropriate first aid response to a pesticide exposure.

Pesticide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Lesson focuses on understanding the importance of proper PPE selection along with proper care, storage, and disposal of PPE.

Pesticides in the Environment Lesson focuses on understanding environmental stewardship with pesticide applications and how to prevent drift and runoff.  Applicators will also learn about identification of pesticide-sensitive areas and how to adjust your methods to minimize environmental impact while maximizing effectiveness.

Pesticide Transportation, Storage, and Security Lesson focuses on understanding how to properly store pesticides and restrict access.  Applicators will also learn about inventory and maintenance methods, preparation for potential spills, and disposal of pesticide wastes.

Pesticide Emergency Response Lesson focuses on understanding implementation and execution of an emergency response plan.  Applicators will also learn about potential harm to the environment from unintended spills or fires, proper clean up of spills to reduce environmental impact, disposal of contaminated items, and emergency response equipment.

Planning the Pesticide Application Lesson focuses on understanding pesticide selection.  Applicators will also learn about tank mixing and loading, pesticide application procedures, and container and equipment rinsing considerations.

Pesticide Application Procedures Lesson focuses on understanding the proper selection of application equipment, pesticide formulations, and application rates.  Applicators will also learn about equipment components and drift reduction practices.

The Ohio and Federal Laws and Regulations Lesson is currently under construction.  In the meantime, please download this free pdf file of the Trained Serviceperson Bulletin.  The introduction and last chapter contains Ohio and Federal Laws and Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lessons?

How do I purchase the lessons?

Are there any classes available with a live teacher?

How do I obtain my study materials?

May I take an online lesson for recertification credit?

Is Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection training available online?

What are the lessons?

The lessons are a narrated lesson about the different sections of the Core material. It's designed to help applicators prepare for the Core test along with the study manuals.

How do I purchase the lessons?

You can purchase the lessons with a credit card. To access the e-store site, click here. The lessons can be purchased as a complete collection or individually. After purchasing the lesson, you will receive an access code which will be good for 30 days.

E-mail with Information

The access codes will be sent to you in an e-mail. The e-mail will also contain directions to view the lesson. There are three steps in this process:

  1. Create an account. You will be setting up a user id and a password for your account. There is no cost for the account. It allows you to reach the lessons with your access code.
  2. Once you have an account, you will be directed to the page of Pesticide Certification Lessons. On the left side of the screen, you'll see a box that says "Administration." Click on the link "Enroll me in this course link." Click "Yes."
  3. Select the lesson that you have purchased and you'll be prompted to enter the access code.

Need help?

E-mail us for help.

Are there any classes available with a live teacher?

Yes. Trained serviceperson and new applicator training classes are available on a regular basis. The training is done in a classroom with experts in the training areas. Click here for information on the upcoming classes.

How do I obtain my study materials?

Commercial - Commercial applicators receive their study materials as part of the $35 application fee they pay to ODA for their license. Just send in the application form with $35 to ODA and you will receive the study materials in the mail. Click here for more information about obtaining a commercial applicator license.

Private - Private applicators do not pay for their license until after passing the exams. The license fee is $30 every 3 years. The private study materials are available for purchase at the county OSU Extension office or through e-stores. Click here for a listing of private study materials.

May I take an online lesson for recertification credit?

No. Online courses do not qualify for recertification credit under Ohio standards.

Is Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection training available online?

No. You must attend a 5-hour compulsory training session to add Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection category to your license. There is no online training available. The WDI training is held twice a year, in the spring and fall. Click here for information about upcoming classes.