Holding a Meeting

Planning and Registering a Meeting for Private Pesticide Applicators and Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training

How do I plan my meeting? 

How to set up a private pesticide applicator recertification meeting.The video includes specifics on core and categories. (15 minutes - Carmen Connect recording).

PAT Webinar for New Educators 10.26.16 (73 min).  What you need to know to begin pesticide applicator training in your county.

How do I register my meeting?

Click Here for ppt presentation expaining how to register a meeting.

 (if you have problems connecting, contact Jennifer Andon at andon.1@osu.edu or 614-247-7974).

Register upcoming county pesticide recertification and/or agriculture fertilizer certification meetings

What is cost recovery?

Pesticide safety education is a risk mitigation program to train applicators on proper use of pesticide products. Although the training is required by federal law, there is no federal funding for the programs, so ANR Extension Educators charge a fee to private applicators who attend their programs. These funds are used by the ANR Extension Educators to create presentations, purchase meeting supplies, and enhance pesticide safety education programs.

Of the amount collected by the ANR Extension Educators, $5 for each private pesticide applicator who attends recertification training is sent to the Pesticide Safety Education Program. These funds are used to produce training materials, DVDs, curriculum, and other materials for counties to use in pesticide safety training. To submit the cost recovery fees to the PSEP office, please fill out the Pesticide Applicator Training Fee Transfer Form, found at the bottom of the CFAES Finance web page:http://cfaesfinance.osu.edu/forms/