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Register upcoming county pesticide recertification and/or agriculture fertilizer certification meetings
If you have questions, please contact Cindy Folck at folck.2@osu.edu or 614-247-7974

Check out the Demo Spray Table Reservations and Resources

PEP-Talk Newsletter

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The following resources are available for OSU Extension Educators involved in pesticide applicator training:

PSEP Teaching Resources

Demo Spray Table Reservations and Resources

Private New Applicator Training Resources

Private Recertification Training Resources

New Educator Training Recordings (Carmen Connect Recordings)

How to set up private pesticide applicators for study materials and testing. Includes an explanation of the six private applicator categories. (20 minutes)

State/National Resources

American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators
National membership directory

Purdue Pesticide Programs
Publication List for Pesticide Publications

Database of pesticide-related images
Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs

University of Florida Extension
Chemically Speaking Newsletter

University of Illinois Extension
Illinois Pesticide Review Newsletter

Pesticide Product Information

Ohio Restricted-Use Pesticide Products
(list maintained by Ohio Dept. of Ag.)

National Pesticide Information Retrieval System
(searchable database of pesticide products registered in Ohio)

National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (Find Ohio-registered pesticide products)

Ohio Restricted Pesticide Products (Maintained by Ohio Department of Agriculture)

Crop Data Management System, Inc (Source of pesticide labels from the manufacturers)

Ohio 24(c) Special Local Needs Labels

Ohio Section 18 Emergency Exemptions

Other Resources

National Agriculture Health Study