Upcoming Commercial Applicator Pesticide Recertification Opportunities

Ohio Pesticide Commercial Applicator Recertification Conferences
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OTF Conference & Show

8, 10A, Core
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Ohio Pest Management Recertification Training School
February 7-9
10A, 10b, 10d, 7a & Core

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 Commercial Pesticide License Requirements

To keep a commercial pesticide applicator license current, applicators must take 5 hours of recertification credit every 3 years. The specific requirements are:

1 hour of Core required

+ 1/2 hour in each category on applicator license required

+ additional time in any category (after completing 1 hour of core and each category requirement)

= 5 hours of time for recertification

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E-mail the Pesticide Safety Education Program, Ohio State University Extension, at: or call (614) 292-4070.